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Live In-Room Charting

Bring your virtual staff along with you to the patient exam room, and they will live-chart the patient visit in real-time.

Referrals, Phone Calls, and More

Your virtual staff can handle various office tasks, such as phone calls, referrals, prior auths, insurance verifications, appointment confirmations, and more.

Medical Transcription

Upload your dictation to a secure cloud-based file-sharing service and have it transcribed directly.

Custom Office Needs

If you have a particular need that we haven't mentioned above, let us know, and we shall train the VRN personalized just for you!

Here’s a sample of the Workflow with your Virtual Staff

Transparent Pricing

Our transparent pricing ensures that you only pay for what you need.

Use Your Own Software

Your Virtual Assistant is trained to use any software and you can teach him/her with your workflow just like any other employee.

Flexible Scheduling

You can get help from our Virtual Assistant when you need them with our flexible scheduling options.


All of our staff are professionals.

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