Increase your revenue, not your costs.

Professional Virtual Assistants For Less

You can get an incredible staff for less with our virtual assistants from all around the world. Plus, we give a percentage of our income back to the local community to provide scholarships in areas of need.

Looking to hire a Top 2% Virtual Assistant?

How it Works

Virtual Worker Bee provides professional virtual assistants for businesses that want to improve their productivity, save time, and increase revenue by eliminating administrative duties.

Define your needs

Virtual Worker Bee will review and support you in improving your existing processes to make sure you're getting the most out of every hire.

Try Out Our Team

You’ll have the opportunity to take your virtual assistant for a test drive. Let's work together to find out what you need and provide a perfect solution.

Go Live

Once we go live, your virtual worker bee will work exclusively for you. 100% Dedication means more consistency and transparency! Your assistant is dedicated to your needs!

Manage & Scale

Need more help? We have you covered. Our virtual assistants are trained and ready when you need them. Our pricing is transparent so you can scale quickly!


Don't just take our word for it- read what some of our clients have to say about their experience with utilizing our virtual assistant services.

Virtual Admin Support

Out virtual assistant are highly skilled and experienced in:

Virtual Scheduler

Our virtual staff will be connected to your current phone system and can make/receive calls just like they are sitting in your office. They can schedule, confirm appointments, call insurance companies, and more!

Meet the Founder

Virtual Worker Bee was founded by Serial Entrepreneur, Adam Nager and his wife, Junna who immigrated to the United States 6 years ago from the Philippines. As an immigrant with first hand experience of the poor work conditions faced by Filipinos, Junna truly understands how undervalued workers in her country are and the couple felt passionately about making a difference.

Our goal is to help organizations of all sizes and specialties improve bottom line revenue with virtual assistants while providing Filipino workers with a stable work environment and livable salary.


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Virtual Worker Bee

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