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At Virtual Worker Bee, we proudly offer freelance executive assistants with a particular focus on digital executive assistance. Our experienced team of professionals comes from all walks of life, providing the perfect blend of skills necessary to provide excellent and efficient remote service. As a client, you can expect personalized services tailored specifically to meet your needs and ensure success. With years of experience under their belt and a passion for client service, our freelance executive assistants are ready to help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

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To drive value and success within the organizations we serve. We accomplish this by introducing insightful solutions through innovative technology and service that allow our clients to focus on their business in an ever-changing market.

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Our Vision

To alleviate administrative, financial, and operational burden from organizations worldwide by seamlessly and efficiently bridging technology and service.

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Our Virtual Assistant workforce is 100% based in the Philippines – a beautiful country known for its friendly, thoughtful, hard-working labor force. 80% of the Filipino middle-class workforce consistently struggling to make ends meet. By hiring a Virtual Assistant through us, not only do you get a Quality worker for half the price, you help alleviate Filipino families’ standard way of living.

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Best Professional Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Worker Bee offers a comprehensive array of Virtual Assistant Services designed to elevate your productivity and streamline your operations. Whether you're a busy entrepreneur or a growing business, our tailored assistance ensures efficiency and success. Explore the diverse range of services offered by Virtual Worker Bee and experience the benefits of expert virtual support.

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With our expertise, you can offload time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic objectives while we handle the details. Experience the efficiency and convenience of professional virtual support with Virtual Worker Bee.

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Are you in need of expert support across various domains? Our Virtual Assistant Service offers a diverse range of solutions tailored to your requirements. From general services to specialized research, social media marketing, sales administration, content marketing, virtual call center support, and even freelance personal assistance – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to explore how our Virtual Assistant Service can enhance your productivity and efficiency.

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