How to be a successful virtual assistant?

In order to become a successful virtual assistant, the first step is understanding what it means and how you can contribute. This article has some great tips for beginners!

How to negotiate your salary as a virtual assistant?

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Why Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant?

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4 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

It can be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the office. With nonstop meetings and approaching deadlines, sometimes employees get lost in the shuffle. Despite this, a key aspect of any successful business is to have happy employees. According to a study published in “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements,” employees that like their… Continue reading 4 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Recommended Tools to Manage Remote and Hybrid Teams

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Managing a remote team is sometimes challenging because you and your team members cannot have face-to-face conversions. However, this situation must not prevent you and your remote team to be productive and manage day-to-day tasks smoothly. Here are some proven ways a remote team can stay motivated, productive and engaged at work: Have a clear… Continue reading Recommended Tools to Manage Remote and Hybrid Teams